Animal Welfare League of Arlington

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington is Arlington County, Virginia's official animal shelter and humane society.  Since 1944, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington has been committed to the humane treatment of animals and to the promotion of animal welfare.

The animals that come to the League need many things, including love, rehabilitation, and new homes. Your donation allows us to provide what the animals and our community need most at this moment. Now you may create your own fundraising page on behalf of the League.

Create a personal fundraising page in honor or memory of someone special, to celebrate an upcoming event, to raise sponsorship funds for the League for a sporting event in which you may participate or for any reason at all -- just use your imagination!

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  • Select what type of fundraising page you would like to create

  • Personalize the text and the photo on your Online Fundraising Page to express your passions and your purpose

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