SlamT1D Barton Classic Wiffle Ball Tournament

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Welcome to the fundraising page for the 6th Annual SlamT1D Barton Classic Wiffle Ball Tournament! Money raised supports The Barton Center for Diabetes Education. It is a fun-filled day of competition supporting children and families with type 1 diabetes.

The mission of the Barton Center for Diabetes Education, Inc., is to improve the lives of children with insulin dependent diabetes through education, recreation and support programs which inspire and empower. For over 83 years, The Barton Center has provided a summer-long residential camp program for children with insulin-dependent diabetes. The Barton Center significantly expanded its services in 2010 to include a second residential camp, Camp Joslin in Charlton, MA.  The Barton Center also operates adventure programs, family camp, day camps in NY, CT and MA, and a wide array of year-round educational programs for children, families, and caregivers. For the past two years, The Barton Center has teamed up with SlamT1D and brought the fun and excitement of camp to kids in Northern New England at our Vermont Overnight Camp. All Barton programs promote proper diabetes management and health enhancement strategies in a safe environment.

How to Donate:

1. If you are a member of a team - click on the "join now" button and select that you want to join an existing team. You will be able to create a personal fundraising page that can be shared with family and friends and all money raised will benefit your team's Power Ranking Points!

2. If you are donating to the event (not a specific team)click on the "donate" button and choose the option that says, "Donate directly to SlamT1D Barton Classic Wiffle Ball Tournament."

If you have any questions call Lindsay at 508-987-2056 ext. 2003 or email

Have Fun!