The goal of the Boys and Girls Community Garden is to teach through experience and to connect and shape a child’s outlook to our ecosystem.  We aim to provide an outdoor learning space for members of the club and the community. 

The outdoor classroom will have a profound impact when it comes to giving children the experience of learning outside, surrounded by plants and trees. The members of the club will be involved in every step of the process from planning on what to grow, harvesting the vegetables and learning how to cook what they have grown. 

Our belief is that through a community garden we can not only impact the members of the organization but also the neighborhood.  Our young people will be exposed to planning and preparing the soil, both flower and vegetable beds, weeding, watering and harvesting the garden.  We will also exposing the members to science, math, art and learning about the environment.  

The real world application of a garden to practice math, language arts, science, and all other subjects gives children a reason to learn. 


We currently have a matching challenge from Novo Nordisk, where every gift that is raised will be matched up to $100,000.  Please help us take advantage of that challenge. Gifts of all sizes will help us reach our goal!


If you are interested in a naming opportunity, the following are available:

Entire Garden - $75,000 RESERVED FOR NOVO NORDISK

Outdoor Classroom - $50,000

Rain Garden - $25,000

Native Plant Pathway - $25,000

Artistic Fence - $15,000

Storage Shed  - $5,000 RESERVED

Little Library - $5,000 RESERVED

Kids Gloves/Tools Storage - $5,000 RESERVED

Raised Planting Beds 4’ x 8’ (8 available) - $2,500 each

Raised Planting Beds 4’ x 4 (4 available) - $1,000 each