2013 Brooklyn Sit-a-thon

Saturday, May 11, 2013


On May 11th the annual Brooklyn Sit-a-thon will bring meditators together for a day of sitting meditaion to raise funds for the Awake Youth Project – a program of Brooklyn Zen Center that provides secular mindfulness and meditation instruction to at-risk youth in Brooklyn.

Awake Youth Project provides mindfulness and meditation instruction to youth as a tool to process cognitive and emotional habit patterns in order to reduce stress, aggression, and addictive behavior while increasing the self-assurance, emotional intelligence and contentment necessary to live life in accordance with deepest aspirations. In short, we endeavor to support the illumination of young hearts through meditation.

So on May 11th we will be sitting meditation together from 9am–5pm, followed by an after party that ends at 9pm. Our commitment is to the entire day with breaks as needed. To join this effort, please set up your First Giving profile and get started raising money and help bring mindfulness and meditation practice to our community’s youth!