Brooklyn Sit-a-thon!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


The Brooklyn Sit-a-thon is a borough-wide event where we join together on April 21st to spend a day in sitting meditation as a way to raise funds to continue bringing mindfulness and meditation programs to Brooklyn's youth. 

Many of the young people with whom we work live with considerable economic hardship and risk for violence. They struggle with enormous stress, anxiety, anger and other strong emotions that make an already demanding life schedule all the more difficult. Consequently Awake Youth Project’s high school-based groups employ meditation and mindfulness practices to address the many challenges in the lives of our youth. 

So on April 21st, we will be sitting meditation together from 9am–7pm. Our commitment is to the entire day with breaks as needed. To join this effort to bring mindfulness and meditation practice to our community’s youth, please set up your First Giving profile and get started raising money for our next generation!

For details on the day itself, read here. Thank you for the generous support of your time! See you on April 21st!