CAMP FIRE USA aka Camp Fire Alabama

Camp Fire’s promise is to provide our youth the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are. Using cutting-edge youth development methodologies, Camp Fire helps children, youth, and teens learn and practice the skills necessary for healthy and productive lives. 

Our Programs

  1. Career Prep
  2. Character Development (Outside-In Day)
  3. Club
  4. Environmental Education (Outdoor Education Field Trips & Hosted Groups) at Camp Fletcher
  5. Links-Up Mentoring
  6. Self Reliance
  7. Summer Day Camp at Camp Fletcher
  8. Summer Resident Camp at Camp Fletcher

Camp Fire Alabama's programs work in schools and at camp to...

  • Teach youth to be caring, kind, and tolerant
  • Engage youth in community service
  • Help youth discover their talents and potential
  • Provide quality curricula and program delivery
  • Offer outdoor experiential learning

The results of this work include...

  • Increased academic engagement and performance
  • Decreased risky and antisocial behaviors
  • Increased service to their communities

Helping youth become who they want to be takes time and encouragement. It takes paying attention to what sparks a passion. At Camp Fire, that's what we do. We pay attention. We help youth discover the exceptional people they are.

Young people tell us they “want to shape the world,” and Camp Fire helps them learn to do just that. Camp Fire Alabama is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. For more information, visit:

Camp Fire Alabama received the GuideStar Exchange Gold level logo, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability provided by GuideStar USA, Inc., the premier source of nonprofit information. The logo demonstrates Camp Fire Alabama’s deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability. Check us out here