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Our Mission

YMCA Camp Hi-Rock is a self-sustaining residential camp community providing overnight, wilderness and day camping experiences that build an awareness of our Berkshire Mountain environment.  We serve all individuals, families and groups, catering to the needs of children.  Led by quality staff, we provide year-round recreational facilities with enriching traditional and contemporary programs focusing on outdoor activities in a natural woodlands setting.  Our goal is to challenge and nurture the individual, build self-esteem, instill leadership and social skills, strengthen the body, lift the spirit, and sharpen the mind.


The Strong Kids Campaign

Camp Hi-Rock's Strong Kids Campaign seeks donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to be able to continue to provide access to YMCA programming to children, teens and families who would otherwise be unable to pay.  Your gift can change a life.  The campaign also provides general subsidy to Camp Hi-Rock's youth summer camp programs.