2012 LA Chill Fundraising Campaign

Friday, January 20, 2012


Welcome to the Chill Foundation’s Los Angeles Fundraising Campaign!

We're fundraising to help get the LA Chill Program to become locally self-sustaining in order to operate and provide year-round programming!

Who we serve: Chill serves youth ages 10-18 facing a multitude of challenges: youth in group homes and foster care; with addictions; from the juvenile justice system; and those struggling with drugs, violence, excessive anger, or depression. Many of the youth have never left their cities, and most have never been to the mountains.

What we do: This year, we’re taking 78 youth from Los Angeles up to Mountain High in Wrightwood. We provide them with everything they need to learn to ride: lift tickets, lessons, transportation, head-to-toe gear, and caring, responsible adults. We use snowboarding to motivate youth to accomplish goals they never thought they could, while teaching them some of the most important lessons in life about patience, persistence, responsibility, courage, respect, and pride – our weekly themes within the program. These weekly themes serve as the anchor for the youth development piece of our program, while the sport of snowboarding serves as the vehicle.

How it works: Chill gives at-risk and underserved youth the chance to break boundaries and find their opportunities to be successful in life. More than that, Chill helps these youth look forward - to see beyond the circumstances of today - encouraging them to focus on positive alternatives for the future.

Why Chill is so amazing: With positive adult role models, engaging activities, and incredible mountain environments, we build self confidence and raise self esteem in these budding little shredders. And as many of us know, the impact of snowboarding can be particularly inspiring.

Please donate now - any amount helps!

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For more information, visit: www.chill.org.