Does a piece of plastic give your holidays meaning?
We didn't think so.

Have you ever exchanged gift cards for the same value with a friend or family member? We have. Does it make your holidays feel like they have become more about meaningless exchange than the true spirit of giving? Us too.

This year, Americans will spend over $24 billion on gift cards alone, averaging $40 each. Imagine if, instead of giving you a piece of plastic, your friends and family gave a $40 donation for a cause you care about.

Bring the giving back to your holidays – take five minutes, create a personal fundraising page, and ask your friends and family for a $40 donation. Oh, there you are, holiday meaning! We knew we could find you.

I want to bring back the giving and, um, also get a new pair of shoes.

Good news… you can do both. It’s ok if you’re not ready to give up your holiday gift cards – you can still bring the giving back to your holidays in a meaningful way!

Donate to a nonprofit or cause that you care about right through FirstGiving. Consider it a stocking stuffer from you to them.