Brody's Story

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Our animal care technician was not sure if the badly injured dog would survive.

When she arrived, the stray dog was lying, unmoving, in the Good Samaritan’s backyard. The black Labrador retriever mix was disoriented and unable to walk. Our animal care technician could see the long, deep cuts and puncture wounds that encircled the dog’s neck and continued onto his head and ears. And she could smell the foul stench of infection.

The dog’s head hung limply as she cradled him in her arms and carried him to the vehicle. The dog who would be named Brody seemed to have no life left in him.

She breathed a prayer that she would get him to medical care in time.

The Cedar Valley Humane Society serves more than 1,500 animals every year. Like Brody, some have serious-but-treatable injuries, such as damaged teeth and benign tumors.

Many shelters would put these animals down. Not the Cedar Valley Humane Society. Through September 2013, we spent nearly $44,000 on routine medical care and special procedures.

Why? Because we know that inside each suffering animal is a beautiful, loving being that just needs proper medical care and love and time to that the pain goes away and their personality shines through.

This is where you come in. We do not receive state or federal monies or funding from national animal welfare organizations.

It’s only with your compassionate support that we can provide life-saving medical treatment and a positive, caring environment for hundreds of abused, neglected, and injured animals.

Like Brody.

At the veterinary hospital, the staff cleaned and sutured Brody’s wounds. They inserted multiple drains to prevent abscesses. Brody was started on antibiotics, as well as anti-inflammatories to help reduce swelling and manage his pain.

They kept him overnight for observation...and we waited.

Brody survived.

In the morning, we brought Brody to the shelter, where we stationed him in a quiet, secluded space so he could recuperate. Our animal care staff tends to him several times a day, and he is recovering better than expected. In fact, after three weeks of TLC, Brody is now ready for adoption!

Brody’s life-threatening injuries were most likely caused by his being tethered with a prong collar or caught in something sharp, such as barbed wire. He may have some permanent nerve damage. His face looks lopsided, and it will never return to normal… but at least it doesn't cause him any pain.

And what about his personality?

Now that he's pain-free, Brody has shown us what a funloving, active dog he truly is. This happy-go-lucky boy is very people oriented, as if he’s never experienced hardship and neglect. He is full of exuberance and love for life and everything in it.

Some might even say he's a typical Lab. And now, thanks to you, he can be.

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And help animals like Brody live normal, happy lives.