Diabetes Research Institute Foundation - Diabetes Diplomat Project


Become a Diabetes Diplomat

Join a worldwide community of students, grades K-12, who are taking the mission to cure diabetes into their own hands. 

Become a Diabetes Diplomat.

Whether you have diabetes or not, you can serve as an advocate, educator and fundraiser for the Diabetes Research Institute.

Because you’re not waiting for the cure. You’re aiming for it.

You can Be the Hero – by organizing walk-a-thons or other fundraising events in your school, neighborhood or online.
You can create your own web page, where you can post photos and tell everyone about why you joined the DRI Foundation’s mission to cure diabetes now. 

You’re the one who organizes the event.  You’re the one who explains what it’s like to live with diabetes or to know someone who does. You’re the one making it happen!

Have fun and help find a cure for diabetes now!

Get involved.  Take part.  Be the Hero.

If you have questions about the Diplomats -- or need help getting started -- send us an email.