Dogs Deserve Better: Chain Off 2011 Freedom for Chained Dogs

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Let's Make Chain Off 2011 Our BEST Campaign EVER! What is Chain Off? Chain Off is a nationwide and worldwide event wherein dog advocates live chained to doghouses for as little as eight hours as or long as overnight. We do this to raise awareness of a social issues that has gone on far too long: the chaining and penning of Man's Best Friend for life.

Imagine yourself living on a chain for your entire life. You are lucky to have a scrap of food each day, but you're certainly not in control of whether you get it or not. You don't want to get wet, but sometimes the only drink you get is when it rains. And you don't want to sleep in a muddy, drafty old doghouse, but you've really got no say in any of it, now, do you?

Then one day, if you're lucky, some kind strangers come along and give you a pat on the head, unwrap the chain from your neck, and lead you off in a van with blankets in the back. You still have no control over your life, but you can't help but hope it's about to get better instead of worse.

At least these people are talking soothingly to you, telling you it will be all better. You can feel the love, and you start to relax, just a little, and you start to allow yourself to hope, just a little.

Could this finally be it? Could you finally be on to the life you've known all along you deserve, but couldn't make anyone hear or understand you?

With hope in eyes formerly dead, you look up and see the smiling eyes looking down at you. Yes, you do dare to hope, do dare to dream of more….

Join us in continuing the fight for these dogs. Our eight hours on a chain is nothing compared to the life these dogs lead, a life where getting more is a dream that may or may not come true.

Chain yourself with us, experience for even a little while what these dogs endure day in and day out, and help us raise funds to fight for these dogs all year long. They deserve better, and with your help they can get it.