Fibromyalgia Care Society Of America Inc

The Caterpillar Walk program is a fundraising campaign designed to raise awareness and support for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain.

Click on the event in your area in the righthand column for more information and to register yourself or your team! The iCaterpillar walk is available to participants worldwide.

100% of proceeds will benefit the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America (FCSA) in the introduction of a Center of Excellence Program, which will offer immediate support to those living with Fibromyalgia and their families. Current fundraising efforts by other organizations support long term solutions to fibromyalgia which are necessary and vital; however, for those living with fibromyalgia there are no immediate care initiatives. The FCSA Fibromyalgia Center of Excellence will be dedicated entirely to helping those living with fibromyalgia, and will support the introduction of new treatment and therapies as they are developed by other research initiatives.

Play Short Clip of 2017 NYC Caterpillar Walk