FIDF National Young Leadership Mission 2017


On July 30, 2017, 58 individuals embarked on a 10 day journey to Israel during which we took part with the IDF Soldiers who protect the Jewish homeland and experienced what their daily life is like. We were incredibly fortunate to be a part of this experience. As a result, we continue the tradition of fundraising for projects which we experienced while in Israel.

The experiences which touched our hearts the most were meeting and volunteering with IMPACT! students as well as visiting Shayetet 3 (the 3rd Flotilla).

During the trip, we met with IMPACT! students and had the opportunity to volunteer with them at the programs with which they complete their volunteer work. This made a profound impression on us as well as our understanding of the difference that this program makes not only in the student’s life, but in the lives of the individuals they are helping through their volunteer work.

The IMPACT! Scholarship program, which was established by FIDF in 2002, enables combat veterans of the IDF to pursue their dreams of higher education. Through fully-funded, four-year academic scholarships, IMPACT! provides qualified IDF veterans with the gift of higher education at any accredited institution in Israel. The cost of sponsoring an IMPACT! student is $16,000 for a four-year scholarship. Today, approximately 4,000 scholarship recipients are currently pursuing their degrees. Every IMPACT! scholar must complete 130 hours of community service during each year of their scholarship.

Shayetet 3 is the largest of the combat units of the Israeli Navy which is designated for combat against enemy maritime threats, preventing naval blockades on Israel, and as auxiliary forces in IDF operations. The flotilla warriors engage in highly complex operations demanding total vigilance, heroism, and requiring them to spend long periods of time at sea.

The combat soldiers of the 3rd Flotilla have very old recreational equipment on the missile and patrol boats. Some combat vessels have no recreational equipment at all. Contributing to this project will enhance the soldiers’ wellbeing while at sea. Having the opportunity to unwind from their life-threatening tasks and missions at sea as well as to relax in their free time while watching movies, listening to music and playing games will boost every soldier’s morale. This project costs $36,775.

Please join us in making a gift to both IMPACT! and Shayetet 3 so that we may reach our fundraising goal of $52,775.

Thank you for your support. This trip was incredibly meaningful for each of us and inspired our wanting to do anything that we can to enhance the lives of the men and women who protect Israel.


The 2017 National Young Leadership Mission