Golan Artillery Regiment Adoption Cost:
$410,000 per year

Day in and day out, IDF soldiers like those in the Golan Artillery Regiment work hard to ensure Israel remains safe and its citizens remain unharmed. The Adopt a Brigade Program is a way to not just support these soldiers but to become one with them, celebrating yearly brigade milestones, holidays and more.

Adopt a Brigade focuses on the DIGNITY Program, SPIRIT Program, the Lone Soldiers Program and general
wellbeing activities.

DIGNITY focuses on aid to the brigade’s soldiers in financial need, as many as one out of five soldiers classified as such every year, with 3,000 soldiers eligible for welfare because of their parents’ low incomes. DIGNITY provides millions of dollars in special grants, food allowances and more for soldiers and their families. Throughout their time in the military, soldiers in-need must know their families are cared for while they fight for Israel.

SPIRIT – R&R Weeks
The SPIRIT Program allows soldiers to enjoy a much-needed week of rest and recreation after their exhausting work on the field. It enables them to return to their routine with heightened spirits and a boost of energy. With their physically, mentally and emotionally demanding exercises and missions throughout the year, the IDF’s soldiers truly need a week to relieve stress.

Lone Soldiers choose to leave their countries of origin and families to serve the Jewish homeland. Many serve in combat positions enduring grueling training, missions and operations. Both at times of war and times of peace, Lone Soldiers continue to sacrifice for Israel, fighting day and night without a family to come home to. FIDF is providing funds for flights for Lone Soldiers to visit their families abroad.

General wellbeing funds will be used at the discretion of the brigade commander for brigade-wide events such as holiday celebrations and day trips, giving soldiers a chance to spend time together outside of their rigorous daily routine. These funds can also be used for small tokens of appreciation such as hats, fleeces, awards, etc.

The IDF’s Golan Artillery Regiment is part of the IDF’s system of artillery units. These units are responsible for providing live-fire during battle and operations, enabling troops to move around on the ground. They hold some of the most advanced artillery weapons of their kind.

The IDF’s crucial Artillery Corps was formed on March 12th, 1948. Its first commander was the historic Col. Yehuda Ginzburg, who had headed the Hagana’s artillery service as well. The corps fought in some of the fiercest battles of Israel’s War of Independence, successfully pushing back Arab armies.
These days, artillery units include hardworking women (11% of Golan Artillery Regiment soldiers are women) who complete basic and advanced training and participate in routine security procedures, wars and operations.
The Golan Artillery Regiment is responsible for protecting Israel’s volatile borders with Syria and Lebanon. Its arduous tasks require that the regiment maintain a high level of preparedness, fitness, flexibility and the ability to cope with the unexpected. The regiment’s current commander is Col. Ilan Levy.

The regiment is made up of the following battalions:

Nammer Battalion (leopard)

Keren Battalion (ray)

Meitar Special Forces (string, chord)

Ra’am Battalion (thunder)