Mike Erwin's Team RWB fundraising page


Mike Erwin's Team RWB fundraising page

Mike Erwin's Team RWB fundraising page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.  Donating through this website is simple, fast and 100% secure. 

I am a big believer in the power of physical fitness to change lives. Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) is harnessing this power to bring veterans together with members of their community; to create new bonds and to help them transition from service member to civilian.  

I am specifically fundraising for the Team RWB Veteran Ambassador program.  We are creating a nationwide movement that emphasizes the power of physical activity to help veterans reintegrate and live healthy lives.  Every $20 donation overs all the costs to put a high quality, New Balance Team RWB athletic shirt on the back of a veteran.  This shirt gives each veteran "a new team" to be a part of when they leave the military---and connects them to a community of fellow Americans who will help them stay physically & socially active.  My goal is to raise enough money to get 1,250 veterans into a Team RWB shirt this year.

This year, I have chosen to base my fundraising effort around the idea of perseverance.  Between July 30th and August 2nd---over a period of 100 hours---I am going to run 100 miles.  Adding to this challenge, I am going to cover these miles in four different cities: a marathon in Chicago on Tuesday, 26.2 miles in Phoenix on Wednesday, a marathon in Los Angeles on Thursday and the final 26.2 miles in Washington, DC, on Friday night.  Thank you for your consideration and support.  




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