Heifer Fundraiser!


Heifer Fundraiser!

In memory of Linda S. Miller

Heifer Fundraiser!

the picture is my mother, Linda, on her wedding day, Sept 26, 1969. it's my favorite image of her. i am setting up this donation page in her memory. i will turn 40 years old on November 20th. i don't want or need anything- i want to do for others.

okay this page is for those of you who'd like to help me with my Birthday Wish for turning The Big 4-0. i've always been raised to help those who need it and my mother is someone who always advocated for women and was HUGE on social justice. my mother passed away on Sept 9, 2002. she cared about the living, about PEOPLE and about helping women realize a dream. she was my biggest cheerleader, believer and supporter. my mom was totally awesome and she never gave up.

i turn 40 on Nov. 20th. i want to realize my wish, i want to pay it forward. i want to celebrate my life but celebrating LIFE! 

please donate, pass it on, reblog, retweet, repost and get the word out. 

here's some Heifer info: "Heifer International's mission is to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth using gifts of livestock, seeds, trees and training in sustainable agriculture community development projects to help millions of people become self-reliant. Since 1944, Heifer has helped transform the lives of more than 13 million families (70 million people) by giving them gifts of cows, goats and other livestock." you can see their FirstGiving info page at https://www.firstgiving.com/1831

this is the reason right here why i am fundraising for them in my mom's memory for my bday: "Each family that receives an animal agrees to Pass on the Gift by sharing the first-born female offspring of their animal with another family in need, so each gift of livestock starts a chain of self-reliance that spreads throughout entire communities."


This page is no longer accepting donations