i'm turning 40! let's raise funds y'all!

National Network of Abortion Funds, Lilith Fund

i'm turning 40! let's raise funds y'all!

Celebrating the birthday of Katherine

i'm turning 40! let's raise funds y'all!

OMG! so yeah, i hit my goal thanks to tweeps who support a women's right to choose and decide for herself and her family. i laughed, i cried and i gave many thanks i live in an amazing time & place of technology bringing us together. 


i want to celebrate 40 amazing years as a woman, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. i want to help those who might need help themselves, i am beyond blessed so i must pay it forward.

help me make my dream of at least 400 bucks for Lilith Fund, my local prochoice abortion fund. i wanna knock their socks off! Lilith Fund is a hard workin', lovin', carin' group of women who inspire me with their committment to women and access to choice. knowing that i can help even ONE woman in her journey- wow, that's power and knowledge. humanity at it's finest

i doubled my goal. $800. i know i can do it. i never thought i'd raise $400 and i did it in TWO WEEKS. i have 4 weeks left. you all amaze me with your loving hearts.


i turn 40 on November 20th. i have spent 40 wonderful, amazing years on this planet. i have to celebrate and i want to do it by helping other women be able to realize a dream for themselves. i grew up in the era of Roe V. Wade being assumed as our right. i was raised prochoice and i want to continue a tradition of strong, awesome women realizing their lives because of CHOICE.

thank you for your donation, please pass it on and let's make this movement happen bigger & better than even my wildest, craziest, most insane dreams can think!

i want to say that doing this fundraiser has changed my life. people i have never met are donating and passing it along. i never felt a bigger, better, more awesome feeling than seeing the email that someone has donated. even $10 will make me dance and sing and clap my hands!  

(p.s. thanks in advance for RTing, reposting, reblogging and helping me get the word out. i fucking love all of you for that. you are the ones making my birthday wish come true.)

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