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4 Paws 4 Drew

4 Paws 4 Drew

Drew Kaley is a wonderful, happy, and energetic 4-year-old boy who has an autism spectrum disorder. He loves to watch Sesame Street, Blues Clues, and Barney, will beg to swim and color, and gives hugs and kisses galore.

As part of his autism, Drew has trouble communicating and understanding social situations and dangerous situations. Although he can read, count, and name many words, he cannot effectively use his words to communicate (e.g, he cannot tell you if his head hurts, or answer a simple question, like "What is your name?"). He does not always respond to his name, and has the tendency to run off without warning.

An autism service dog is the perfect way to keep Drew safe. We can take the dog to the grocery store, or anywhere else Drew needs to be, and maintain Drew's safety. The dog will be a constant companion, will respond to Drew's commands (and help him develop his communication skills), and track Drew if he is missing.

Drew has been approved for an autism service dog by a wonderful organization, 4 Paws for Ability (4pawsforability.org). As part of the service dog agreement, we need to earn 13,000 points before Drew's dog can be placed with us ($1 = 1 point).

At this point, we're just spreading the word. To raise and train a service dog, it takes $22,000. Wow.

Drew sends you all his love and kisses. Thank you. We're overwhelmed with everyone's support.

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