Japan Disaster Relief


Japan Disaster Relief

Japan Disaster Relief


I’m sure we have all been watching the news of damage and upheaval in Japan, what with the earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear emergencies, hundreds of thousands of displaced people, and so on. With the news carrying a mishmash of manufactured panic and reports of genuinely terrible things, it’s hard to watch, all the more so when we think of how we were there just 6 months ago and still have so many friends there.

That’s why we wanted to help by starting a fundraising challenge for us and all our friends in Toronto. But there’s no sense aiming low. According to Doctors Without Borders, $35 provides 2 meals a day for around 200 kids. $100 funds antibiotics for 40 wounded people. And $1,000 is enough for emergency medical supplies for 5,000 disaster victims for an entire month.

We are aiming to raise $3,000 in 2 weeks. That may seem like a lot to raise in a short time, but it’s not that hard with enough people—even smaller donations add up quickly, and every one brings us closer to our goal. If we happen to raise more, even better.

You can donate and fundraise through an online fundraising page we’ve set up. Send this to all your friends, coworkers, family members, pets, and Members of Parliament, and ask them for pledges too!

From there, you and your friends/colleagues/charity victims can click to give to Doctors Without Borders and their donation will be magically counted towards our goal.

Remember that no donation is too small. This goes to Doctors Without Borders unrestricted funds, which are currently being used to conduct a huge number of earthquake relief operations throughout Japan. They were one of the first groups to spring into action, and remain one of the most important. All your efforts will help.


Thank you!

Andra & Andre


Update: We’re at $2, 228! …Out of $3000?

Some might have noticed that our goal amount keeps getting higher. We started with a goal of $1,000 in two weeks, and we have already doubled that goal in four days due to the incredible generosity of our friends, family and of some very generous people who didn't want any of the credit. We never expected such support and we am ecstatic to see this happen.

We are barely into our first week of fundraising and have already raised so much money—let’s see how much we can raise if we keep up this good work.

We will keep raising the amount by $1,000 whenever we reach our current goal. That gives us ten more days to donate if you haven’t done so and to pass this link along. We’re not playing games with the target, we truly appreciate all your efforts so far!!

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