Alicia's page: in honor of Robert Hruz


Stop Cancer Now 5K Run/Walk

Washington, District of Columbia

Alicia's page: in honor of Robert Hruz

We have lost several people in our life that has been close to us or peers that we knew from school, sports, or other events.

so far I have lost Robert Hruz who was my grandfather. My pop-pop was my inspiration and still to this day is my hero! I'm sad to say he died when I was 8 years when he was just in his early 50's. along with the loss of my grandfather I lost One of the closest uncles I have ever had. My uncle Kenny lived down the street from me when I was younger and would do anything and everything to make me happy! I've also lost in this past year my aunt Peggy to melanoma and a close school friend, rick, to brain tumors. I will never forget these amazing people and how much they touched the hearts of everyone in their lives. love you all! Rest Easy<3 

we decided to be a part of this fundraiser because we want to make a difference! Our goal is to raise at least $1,000.00. We hope that every individual a part of this fundraiser is gonna come together and help raise the money for cancer research to save the lives of many in the future! Thanks for your support and donations!

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