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2013 Saco, Maine Walk for Epilepsy

Saco, Maine

Maggie Tripp's Page

     Meet Maggie.  She is a sweet, spunky, and smart 5 year old kindergartner.  She loves to play teacher, draw, read, play with her little brother, dance and sing.  

      Maggie was diagnosed with epilepsy in August 2012.  She has a cortical dysplasia on the right frontal lobe of her brain.  She was born with this, but it didn't decide to show itself until this past summer.  Maggie has had many ups and downs during this journey. Continuing to let her do the things she enjoyed before her diagnosis, like riding her bike, playing on the playground, swimming and swinging have been compromised.  Epilepsy has changed these simple childhood pleasures for fear of her safety.

      Since her diagnosis, she has tried four different medications.  All have come with side effects and it is very difficult to watch her deal with them.  Currently, she is taking three medications which moderate her seizures but will not cure her epilepsy.  Over the past few months, she has continued to have seizures, but only a few times a week.

      Since August 2012, Maggie has been seeing Dr. Alexa Craig at Maine Neurology in Scarborough, ME.  We are beyond thankful to have her for Maggie's doctor.  She has been so wonderful!  Dr. Craig has high hopes that Maggie's epilepsy can be cured with brain surgery.  We have been to Children's Hospital in Boston to discuss this possibilty for the future.  In order for Maggie to be a true candidate for this surgery, she has to fail three medications at their full dosage. (We have just got to her max dose on 4/24/13)

      Before her diagnosis, we barely knew anything about epilepsy.  Now it is a part of our daily lives.  We will continue to learn about it and will forever be comitted to finding a cure for this horrible illness that effects so many people.

      We are amazed by our daughter's sweetness, kindness, helpful and loving spirit, entertaining capabilities, sense of humor and her ability to be such a fantastic big sister!  We are so blessed to have this little girl in our lives!!!

Please join our team on May 5th @ Young School in Saco, ME to raise funds, awareness and hope to all those affected by epilepsy.

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