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Ride For Pride 9

Anastasia Polashenski's Page

Once upon a time my mom and some friends brainstormed a super fun bike ride that would involve beer drinking, exercise, friend time and donate some money to the (then) Gay Alliance. Thus, Ride for Pride was born. Nine years later, we have this INCREDIBLE event that has blossomed into a major fundraiser for Rochester's LGBTQ+ community and has become one of my absolute favorite days of the year.

Our goal this year is $70,000 and I have set my own personal goal to a lofty $2,000. My favorite part of the Out Alliance is the outreach education done with schools, both local and across the country. As a gay teacher, I know firsthand there is much to be done with inclusive school reform in many ways, especially in regards to LGBTQ+ representation. This is a worthy cause and every cent donated will be used to help educate and advance the quality of lives for my community.

I began this ride as a volunteer when I was 16 years old, minimal effort but a lot of laughs and a free tshirt. Since then I have come out as the Token Gay Polashenski, actually started riding my bicycle 50 long miles every year, and am now putting strong efforts into fundraising. I now ride sweep every year, providing comic relief and encouragement to riders at the back of the pack with my fellow Mother Hen (and leader extraordinaire) Jeannie Gainsburg, CLUCK!! 

Please consider helping me achieve my goal and make the world a better place. The time for equality and representation is NOW and you have the power. All contributions of any amount are appreciated and so very helpful. As always, all donations will be thanked with a handwritten and heartfelt thank-you card in June and this year I'm going to create a music video for everyone gracious enough to support my cause.

Spread love, be the change, love everyone.

~And they all lived gaily ever after~