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Be A Hero Become A Donor Foundation

In memory of Evan Cousineau

Be A Hero Become A Donor Foundation

Meet Evan....

For those of you who didn't have the privilege of knowing Evan personally, the words used universally to describe our 9 year old son are fun, vibrant, silly, athletic, kind, just to name a few. Evan should be here with us and celebrating his 16th birthday on November 3 with his twin sister Alaina. But unfortunately we lost Evan 6 years ago the night before their birthday after a valiant fight from complications to his bone marrow transplant.  We will forever be grateful to Evan's donors who gave us HOPE for new life after his devastating diagnosis with the metabolic genetic disease, Adrenoleukodystrophy just six months previously. 

The mission of Evan’s foundation is to empower people to "recycle their bodies" to save patients in need around the world and was born out of the “heroes” who gave hope to Evan and all of the children on the pediatric transplant unit at the University of Minnesota hospital were he was treated. While we raise awareness to the need for blood donors, for people to commit to the organ and tissue registry, and to donate their baby’s cord blood at birth, the primary effort of the foundation is to recruit donors to the national bone marrow registry and help pay for the cost of that tissue typing.

All funds raised this year will be donated to Delete Blood Cancer on our behalf, who we have advocated for over two years.  As the largest bone marrow donor center in the world, each potential donor is added to the national bone marrow registry and while the cost of tissue typing each new donor is $65, Delete Blood Cancer only asks us to continue our awareness campaign nationally on their behalf recruiting quality donors and not "worrying" about the cost.

This year we finally hit a big mark, recruiting over 20,000 donors since Evan's own bone marrow drive in May of 2007.  We have also donated more than $110,000 toward those tissue typing fees. And while our goal each year is 4,000 new donors, with a real cost of $260,000 to type them, our meek $10,000 goal may seem insignificant tosome, but if we all give a little, impact will be made.

Help us honor Evan by making a donation to his foundation and our lifesaving work.

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