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2013 Cleveland Ride for Kids®

William Gulling's Page

Thank You for visiting my Fundraising page for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation! Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

I hope I am able to 'Touch Your Heart', as these kids have touched mine, and I hope that you will share this with anyone who you think might want to donate too!

I started Riding For the Kids Five Years Ago! Let me tell you how it happened. After being bike-less for close to 20 years, and anticipating my Retirement, I got my first-ever 'Harley'! So after I retired, and after I quit ‘Consulting’, I was looking to Ride!

As it happened, a ‘certain Lady’ had a ‘post’, on the local ‘Free-Cycle’ site, asking for aluminum cans to recycle, to raise Funds. I raised my hand! She and her husband came to my house, to pick-up the cans. As ‘Bikers’ do, we chatted about Bikes, and Events. I showed them My Bikes, of which I was very proud! I learned that they were the “Leaders” of the CLEVELAND RFK Event, and I was invited to give it a try! I spent more-than-a-little 'time', thinking about people who were so dedicated that they would 'beg’ for cans to recycle, in order to raise money. So I did my first-ever “Ride For Kids” event!

Did you know that back in 1980, the 5-year survival rate for a child with a brain tumor was just 5%? Over the last 20+ years, through research funded through the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, that survival rate is now about 80%. The 'Ride for Kids' is helping to fund that cause. 

Did you know that Brain Tumors kill more children than other childhood cancer? Every Day, 11 more children are diagnosed with a brain tumor! And 71% of them are younger than 15!

Did you know that over 84 cents of every dollar Raised for the PBTF goes to the Kids, in the form of Research, Grants, Scholarships, and more.

I was still Smoking when I did that ride! (And I have an advancing case of COPD!  Shame on Me! My Choice! (Smoked them Cigarettes for 45+ years, 2-3-4 packs a day!) I have No One to Blame, but Me! – I Did It To Myself!)

But those KIDS, on that stage, Stole My Heart! And they haven’t Lived long enough to ChooseE bad things! So What did They Do??? Why were KIDS afflicted with such a deadly ‘sentence’? Why? I couldn’t answer that myself… so I got Involved!

**I RIDE for EMILY, who was the First One to steal my heart!

This will be my Fourth Year as a VIP Driver. Which means that I May be Privileged to Furnish a Motorcycle Ride for a Child… who has, or had a Brain Tumor, or a family member who wants to participate in the ride. I consider it to be an Honor!

**I RIDE for OLIVIA, who I met at Fundraiser a few years ago. Instead of talking about herself, as she ‘supposed to’, she was only asking for Prayers for her Dad, who had just been in a bad motorcycle accident. Olivia received her Angel Wings on December 11, 2010 at the age of 13.

Involved? Yes!  I got Involved! I joined the Task Force for the Cleveland Ride this year.You may remember that the first time I wrote this, I told you, that I was new at this! I’m still ‘new’ at this!   But the ‘new’ is now because I have become more involved, and I am learning, and Trying to Do More!

**I RIDE for ALL the KIDS, who shouldn't have to die. We need more research, and to do that we need people like YOU. Once a child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, their life, and the life of their family, will be changed forever.

I DID the INDIANAPOLIS Ride, a couple of years ago. You might remember the pictures that were posted of Bikes doing a Lap on the Motor Speedway! (That was awesome!)  I'm planning to do more rides this year.  There are Forty RFK Rides across the country.  Some are close enough for me to Make!  (Some might be close enough for YOU to make!) 

This foundation helps in so many ways: Research, which is making great strides in finding a cause and cure in the fight against brain tumors; Patient - Family programs; and Scholarships to Survivors!

RIDE with Me, if you CAN!  If You CAN'T RIDE with me, Ride  With me in Spirit! Support me! Support the KIDS!   (It's Not about Me!)    Every Penny that I raise (and the ones I find on the ground) goes to CLEVELAND RIDE FOR KIDS!  For Me, it  Is,  All about the KIDS!

Thank You for reading this!

Please donate!  And ask your friends to donate!  ANY amount, no matter the amount, is Greatly Appreciated. If you are unable to donate at this time, please say a prayer for the children afflicted with a brain tumor and for their families.

Thank You!  

If you would rather donate by check, please make it out to:

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

and mail it to:

Bill Gulling
'Ride for Kids'
923 West Drive
Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054


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