Team BCB


Bold for the Cure Baltimore Event

Columbia, Maryland

Team BCB

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Our team was inspired by Kisha's journey through the land of chemotherapy during treatment for breast cancer in 2009. Jeff's bold initiatives have mobilized pathologists from behind the microscope and with the support and help from a diverse group of participants, we have hosted salon events that allow us to show our concern and support for those affected by breast cancer. These events raise money for local breast cancer charities in the cities in which they are held. 


Please show your support for our Salon Event on March 3, 2013 at 2:00 pm at Dakota Salon in Baltimore. There are umpteen ways to support us and transportation will be provided from USCAP to our event.


§  Register to shave your head! Join Kisha and Jeff as we take the buzz one more time.

§  Recommend a friend or colleague for BFC to contact who may be willing to shave their head. Do you know anyone who might say - “I’ll shave my head if we can raise $500.00!”  

§  Donate on behalf of other shavees!

§  Show up and get some pink highlights  ($35.00), pink extensions ($25.00) or feathers ($15.00), pink manicures ($20.00) or a tattoo (temporary)

§  Buy pins, t-shirts or other swag!


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