Brenda Barrie | Africa 2013


Cycle Kenya to Tanzania 2013

Brenda Barrie | Africa 2013


Friends, we did this one together!  I cycled every bit of the 255 miles from Nairobi, Kenya to the Amboseli National Park and then around the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, completing the journey in Arusha,Tanzania where we met the children of the Shalom Centre supported by our efforts and on behalf of the International Childcare Trust (ICT).  

I'm honored to have cycled on behalf of ICT.  My goal is to become a better world participant and step outside of my comfort zone and I trust that what I have learned throughout this entire process will have an impact on my community and my future.

ICT partners with local organizations in East Africa and Asia that are already making an impact with their own initiatives, and helps them grow into strong, sustainable organizations that can continue to make meaningful and lasting changes in the lives of children. ICT fosters long-term relationships based on common vision and goals, and mutual responsibility and commitment, as opposed to simply a funding relationship. Read more about this great organization here:

During our journey in Africa one of the organizations we visited was the Shalom Centre where we met many of the staff and children.  These are memories I will never forget. 

You have all helped me exceed my initial goal of raising $5,000 for the International Childcare Trust. Friends, thank you for all your love and support.

My very best,


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