B the Light Fundraising Page


B the Light Fundraising Page

B the Light Fundraising Page

B the Light is a 501(c)(3) filed and waiting our state certificate. B the Light is PROUDLY supporting and sponsoring the Fun Flirty and Fabulous 5&5.

We are a community of people making a difference in the world! We are COMMITTED to GREATNESS. We create POSSIBILITY, take ACTION, and IMPACT THE QUALITY OF OUR LIVES AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS with measurable results!!


This is only the beginning....

We are impacting LOCAL individuals and organizations such as Bridgeway Women's Center.

We are impacting INTERNATIONAL individuals and organizations such as Living Water International is a registered 501(c)(3).

I invite you to make an additional contribution to this amazing cause. 100% of this gift is tax deductible.

Here is the reality…lack of clean water KILLS more people everyday than ANYTHING ELSE…and here is the thing…estimated cost to make clean water available to everyone is $10 billion…$10 billion SOLVES WORLD water issue…Fact, $450 billion spent on Christmas each and every year….DO YOU SEE WHAT'S POSSIBLE?

$5,000 can fund a well for a village or school.

Donate to the B the Light Fundraising Campaign
and let your light shine!

This page is no longer accepting donations