The Dream Team


Camp Challenge 2012

The Dream Team

Hi! Welcome to our fundraising page. We are raising money to support the Mission of Camp Happy Days. CHD is a year round program that supports the families of children with cancer. There are not many positives that come from cancer, but Camp Happy Days is definitely one of them. We have watched our campers grow from young, fearless girls into beautiful, smart women and we've enjoyed every single minute.

Camp Happy Days is for one week every July in Summerton, SC. However, our campers are part of our every day lives - year round. In rough times, we are by their side in the hospital or even worse holding each others hands at a funeral. In better times, we are there to help them get ready for school dances and they have been in our weddings. Life long bonds are formed at Camp Happy Days. 

The only way to become a Camp Happy Days camper is to have cancer. It's a VIP status. Please give generously to keep this one positive in cancer going strong.

We hate cancer, but we love kids who have it. - Melissa, Linda and Courtney

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