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Chiditarod IX

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Nerd Social Club

The Chiditarod is “probably” the world’s largest mobile food drive that combines elements of a race with costumes, shopping carts, pageantry and Chicago’s own unique style of social activism. We will be running one of the local watering holes, the epic Emporium that many of the racers come to.

This is a crazy event with a very serious cause — feeding the hungry. Not only do we donate food, we also have the opportunity to help alleviate hunger through fundraising. We are raising funds are for The Chiditarod Foundation -- the non profit founded by the organizers of the Chiditarod in 2012. The Chiditarod Foundation seeks to alleviate hunger and solve the root causes of hunger through creativity, engagement and direct action. Food and food security is an essential and necessary ingredient in life. We believe that no one in Chicago should go hungry! In 2013 the Foundation gave out $20,000 in grants to 501(c)3 organizations in Chicago who are solving hunger in innovative ways.  We want to do even MORE in 2014 and you can help us!  
The Chicago Nerd Social Club is asking for your support to help us reach the fundraising goal of ONE. MILLION. DOLLARS. (Okay, KIDDING, but wouldn't that be sweet?) Here's the thing - we know times are tight for everyone, so we're passing the hat for those who are truly in need. We Nerds know what it's like to feel uncertain- but imagine if your uncertainty revolved around getting enough food to feed your family, your children, your Elders? Through our Nerd passions we have found a community, and the Cloister Bell now rings to call us to help others!

Your generous donation supports grassroots, hunger-fighting initiatives. Organizations like food banks, urban farms, educational programs, mobile farmers,  programs for children, community gardens, markets, and more! The benefit of your donation lasts throughout the year. Even if you kicked in the cost of your daily scone and a latte snack, that puts food on the table for someone who might have had nothing at all to eat that day. Every little bit, however humble, adds up. Thank you so much for your generous contribution to help us eradicate hunger in Chicago.

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