Days of Our Lives for Rebuilding New Orleans


Days of Our Lives for Rebuilding New Orleans

Days of Our Lives for Rebuilding New Orleans

Join Days of Our Lives in supporting the rebuilding of New Orleans and St. Bernard Project!

Five and a half years since Hurricane Katrina, thousands of families in the New Orleans area have still not been able to rebuild and move home. These hardworking families owned homes before the storm destroyed their entire community, but have faced barrier after barrier in their quest to return.

Days of Our Lives is doing something about it. On March 23 and 24, we (writers and members of the cast) toured the New Orleans area, donated furniture to a family returning home and then got to work hanging sheetrock in a families' home with St. Bernard Project, an organization that has been working tirelessly to help solve the enduring housing and mental health needs in the New Orleans area resulting from Katrina and, more recently, the oil spill. (Check out the photos from our trip here, or below!)

But seeing the incredible need in New Orleans, we're is committed to do more. We're kicking off an initiative to raise funds for as many families' homes as possible, one family at a time.

With SBP’s efficient rebuilding model, a home can be rebuilt for just $20,000.

If 20,000 of our fans donated just one dollar, we could get another family home! Donate today -- any amount counts -- to help a family finally come home again.

The first homeowner we're raising funds for is true example of the resilience and perservance of the people of New Orleans. Sharon, 55, and her three grown children have experienced a series of roadblocks and hardships, but still continue to fight to finally return home again. The year after Hurricane Katrina, Sharon's husband Melvin died unexpectedly of a heart attack. While still grieving for her husband, Sharon suffered from a tremendous spinal cord injury after a bad fall, which left her paralyzed for six months. Doctors agreed that she would never be able to walk or move her arms again. Through sheer tenacity, Sharon forged on through months of rehabilitation and can now walk. Sharon continues to look forward to the day she and her two daughters, Antonia and Shannon, can move out of their apartment and return home. Click here to read Sharon's full bio.

Please make your contribution today. Together, we can make a huge difference in the lives of New Orleanians struggling to return home.

Thank you!

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