Help Doctors Detect Down Syndrome with a Simple Photo

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Help Doctors Detect Down Syndrome with a Simple Photo

“Smile for the camera!” With your support, we can make the detection of Down syndrome as simple as a quick snapshot, without the need for blood tests or specialized and often expensive tests. This could revolutionize the detection of Down syndrome by offering an affordable solution for doctors worldwide.

Each year, one in every 1,100 babies worldwide is born with Down syndrome. In some regions of the world, the rate is as high as one in 350. Because of the serious medical complications related to this condition, it’s critical that doctors detect Down syndrome as early as possible. The team at Children’s National is creating a new software program that can assess a child immediately after he or she is born, without the need for blood tests or specialized analysis. This simple and non-invasive test uses sophisticated automated facial recognition as a diagnostic tool and can provide almost instant results.

Ultimately, this software will diagnose more than just Down syndrome, making sophisticated genetic expertise widely and affordably available.

Your donation will fund camera equipment, a study coordinator to enroll and photograph subjects, and a digital image analyst who will develop the software algorithm necessary to diagnose Down syndrome with accuracy. These efforts will improve the lives of children with Down syndrome.




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This project is part of a new crowdfunding initiative to support research at Children’s National Medical Center, one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals and pediatric research centers. Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way for people to support causes and projects they care about through online giving. People are able to make small or large donations to support projects like the one featured on this page.

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