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Ramah Bike Ride 2015

Darrien Sherman's Page

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, Ramah has played a huge role in both my personal and professional life. I am so blessed to have been both a camper and staff member at Camp Ramah in Canada and have shared a passion and love for Ramah with my siblings and parents. I am forever grateful for my parents who sent me to Ramah as a camper many years ago and now I have the wonderful opportunity to work for National Ramah Commission in their Detroit fellowship program. Through Ramah, I have made incredible friendships, developed a strong Jewish education and Jewish identity, and learned how to become a strong leader in my community, but most importantly, Ramah has taught me how to be a compassionate, caring, and kind person through their Tikvah programs, a program for campers with dissabilities.

My involvement with Tikvah started at a young age when I was paired with a Tikvah camper as part of the zeugot program during my Magshimim summer (summer going into 10th grade). We would pray together, participate in peulat erev (evening activities), share a Shabbat, perform a play in front of the entire camp, and spend one-on-one time together during Shabbat afternoon. After my Magshimim summer, I knew that this was only the beginning for my involvement with Tikvah. The following summer, I was a Tikvah CIT, where I worked closely with the Tikvah staff to learn how to care for the campers and how to plan programs. In the summer of 2011, I was seleted to be the sole-mentor for an 11 year-old blind camper who was spending her first summer at Ramah. Last summer, I was given the incredible opportunity to be a Rosh Edah (unit supervisor) for Edat Magshimim at Camp Ramah in Canada. I was thrilled to observe my own campers forming friendships and bonds with Tikvah campers. I have gained so much from these programs and now, I want to do everything I can to give back!

In May 2015, I will be spending 5 intense days hiking in Israel. In addition to the physical challenge, I have also taken on the challenge to raise a minimum of $1800 to support these wonderful special needs programs across the Ramah movement. 

More importantly, it is my hope to have a large number of people contribute to demonstrate what an incredible impact the Tikvah program has had on so many people.

Each donation will help Ramah offer additional scholarships and make camp more afforable to families with children with special needs. Ramah will also invest in the training and development of the staff members who dedicate their summers to working with these wonderful kids. Today, eight Ramah camps offer 14 programs for kids, adolescents and young adults with disabilities and its only growing from there!

Thank you so much for your incredible support and please forward this on to anyone who might want to donate!

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