Give a gift of hope this holiday season!


Help save lives with a Vibrant Village borehole, food, and sustainable gardening!

Give a gift of hope this holiday season!

For the past 5 years, I've dedicated myself to the cause of bringing water to the people of the Azawak of West Africa. I am honored to be part of this amazing work.  Through Amman Imman I traveled to Niger in 2009 to witness the crisis first-hand. I met people languishing in dusty villages, where temperatures soar to 120 degrees. They had no water. I played with children in the Tuareg village of Tangarwashane who, because of the water flowing from the borehole built by Amman Imman, drank, bathed and attended school. Their smiles warmed my heart.

Stemming from my experience, I've brought an awareness of this most precious gift of water to thousands of children and young adults in schools around the world. Through the Wells of Love program, these students are rallying their communities, families and friends.  Together, we are bringing water to where it is most needed.

This winter Amman Imman is building a "Vibrant Village" borehole in another Azawak community. It will provide water for as many as 25,000 people during the height of the dry season when the marshes and surface wells are totally depleted.  With water, food can grow, animals can thrive, people can be healthy, children can go to school, women can have jobs...and more.  So not only does water save lives, it also bring hope. 

Won’t you join me this holiday season in bringing hope to another 25,000? Please make your gift of water for the holidays by donating today. 


You can stay in touch with Amman Imman’s latest news from the Azawak and read more about the Vibrant Village borehole on the Water is Life blog.  

Learn more about Amman Imman: Water is Life and the Wells of Love program on our website.

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