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2012 Walk & Roll for Kids

Dr. Lehocky's fundraising page

It is spring again in Kentucky and two important events are around the corner: The Kentucky Derby and the annual  Kids Center Walk and Roll. Time to consider making your bets.

 I am asking for you to help support the Kids center and  bet on the future of our kids . The KIDS CENTER FOR PEDIATRIC THERAPIES (located in the Kosair Charities Center on Eastern Parkway) provides "hands-on" therapy for the disabled kids in the Kentuckiana area and helps them (and their families) see that there is ABILITY in disability. We service a population of 700 kids annually.

Our mission is to provide the most up to date and innovative approaches to help each child  gain skills to insure his/her opportunity for success as an adult. Our vision is that we will never deprive a child of services because of financial concerns. Consequently  we subsidize therapy at the annual cost of $700,000. Your donation helps us meet that budget deficit.

Every $1000 raised helps subsidize  therapy for one child for a year. Every $20 helps provide one hour of care. 

I have included a video of  my patient and Kids Center  "graduate", Brian Heyburn. He had a unexpected birth mishap that left him with cerebral palsy. Brian attended the center for all of his first 14 years.  Recently graduated from Centre College, Brian wanted to share his story at the 2011 Champions Breakfast. We are so proud of this young man and I think you also will be after you listen to what he has to say about living with a disability and how he benefited from the Kids Center. The center was there when I needed it for Brian 22 years ago and it still is my most valued therapy resource today for my kids with disabilities. Christian (the sweet heart in the picture) is one of those kids.

Your donation will help Christian and the current group of kids at the center realize their ability and secure a positive  future.  I hope you can donate and support my walk team. We appreciate any amount that you find comfortable. I think it is a sure bet that everyone will come out the winner if you do. 

Christian says THANKS. And I do too.

Ron Lehocky 




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Dr. Lehocky's fundraising page
Christian hopes you bet on him.