Celebrity Dancer: WWE's Kane (Glenn Jacobs)


Celebrity Dancer: WWE's Kane (Glenn Jacobs)

Celebrity Dancer: WWE's Kane (Glenn Jacobs)

Age: 47

Occupation: Pro wrestler

What is your dance experience?

I once danced with my wife at our wedding. Ive also danced with my two daughters at their weddings. Im happy to report that there were no injuries.

Why are you doing this event?

Of course, East Tennessee Childrens Hospital is a great organization, and Im honored to be involved in this event.

I hope to use this competition to launch my professional ballet careera secret, lifelong dream of mine.

Heres a little known bit of trivia: in my college football days, my fellow offensive linemen called me Twinkle Toes.” 

Buy your tickets now for Star 102.1's Dancing with the Knoxville Stars. Every dollar raised benefits East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Thursday, March 12

Doors open at 6 p.m., show starts at 7 p.m.


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Celebrity Dancer: WWE's Kane (Glenn Jacobs)
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