Rayna and Hallie's B'not Mitzvah Fundraising Page


Rayna and Hallie's B'not Mitzvah Fundraising Page

Rayna and Hallie's B'not Mitzvah Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page to learn about what and who we are supporting!





     We first got interested in FIDF when our Hebrew School teacher, Moreh Elie, explained to our class about a war that was happening in Israel in the fall of 2012. CBI's Mitzvah Day was coming up and our mom asked us what or who we wanted to support.  We both immediately thought of the soldiers working so hard to protect Israel. With the help of our mom, Lori, we found the website for FIDF and were inspired. From then on, our project has been blooming.  We supported FIDF at last year's Mitzvah Day and soon after that we met Seth and Arielle, FIDF representatives from NJ.  They invited us to Deal, NJ over the summer where we met Bat Mitzvah aged children from Israel who had all lost a loved one that served in the IDF.  





The programs we are supporting through FIDF are the Legacy: Bar/Bat Mitzvah program and Bereaved Siblings Workshop. Both have to do with a child, like us, but he/she has lost a loved one while defending Israel. The Legacy: Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, let’s us help a child our age, have a Bat/Bar Mitzvah of their very own in Israel. The one-day event includes making an Aliya to the Torah at the Kotel, touring the Knesset, visitng the Bible Lands Museum and having a Mitzvah Ceremony where all children enjoy a musical performance. The Bereaved Siblings Workshop works with family members who have lost a sibling while serving in the Israeli Army. This 3-day workshop hopes to start the healing process for the sibling that has a broken spot in their heart. They will work with other kids, just like them, who have been through the same experience of loss. The counselors they will be working with also have lost a sibling, therefore they can all heal together.  We were particularly drawn to these 2 programs given it is our Bat Mitzvah year and so it is particularly meaningful to support other children in having a special day. We also couldn't imagine the sadness and grief of coping with the loss of a sibling, which is why we are supporting the Bereaved Siblings Workshop.


        Lastly, we are raising additional funds to go directly to purchasing backpacks for a brigade of IDF soldiers.  It is our hope to support the Israeli men and women who defend the State of Israel and Jews around the world.






Our fundraising goal for FIDF is $3,600. Since we are two people, we would like to help two Legacy children and two Bereaved Siblings. For two Legacy Bar/Bat Mitzvah children, it will cost $2,400.00. In order to support two bereaved children, we will have to raise $240. The rest of the fundraising money will be directed towards a brigade that we hope to visit this summer in Israel when we travel there with our family.


We already have raised some money for FIDF. Our mother runs something called Mitzvah Day at our synagogue. Last year, we hosted a bake sale in honor of FIDF and had a letter writing station to support the soldiers fighting hard in Israel. We are proud to say we earned $200 that afternoon. We have also personally donated $360 from the money we earned this summer from being mother's helpers and from teaching a dance class.  






We hosted our 2nd bake sale at CBI in January- it was a tasty success - thank you to those who purchased our baked goods and wrote letters to the IDF soldiers.  We had our event at our synagogue Congregation B'nai Israel on January 26th.  Mr. Tenenbaum from CBI, Mr. Goldstein from FIDF and a soldier from IDF's Navy spoke.  We also presented our power-point presentation and felt so fortunate to have a room full of our family and friends and friends from our CBI community to support us and learn about FIDF.  Thank you for coming!!






We would like to thank our parents, Adam and Lori, for supporting us everyday. We would like to thank Rabbi Bayar and Joe Tennenbaum for their involvement and genuine interest in our Mitzvah project.  We would also like to thank Cantor Wallach for her enthusiasm when we first told her of our idea over the summer.  Her eyes lit up and she was so supportive.  We would also like to thank the representatives from FIDF that have been so helpful with everything.  Arielle and Seth, thank you so much!  


Lastly, thank you to each of you for reading our story and being part of this special time in our lives!


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