To Have And Too Cold


East Grand Rapids Polar Plunge 2014

Grand Rapids, Michigan

To Have And Too Cold


My husband and I are jumping in support of our nephew Wyatt. Wyatt is an amazing 3 year old. He is funny, smart, friendly, and very snuggly. He can also be a little bossy and has been known to munch on a crayon from time to time. Oh and he has Down syndrome, but we all too often forget that detail. He is just a normal lovable little boy and we want to jump to raise awareness for Wyatt and his friends. We also got married four months ago so we will be jumping in our wedding attire. That's right- Nate will be jumping in his suit and I will be jumping in my wedding dress. Again, we are reminded of the wonderful blessings and opportunities Wyatt has brought into our lives. We are forever grateful for him and the adventures my husband and I have journeyed because of his extra special chromosome. Thanks for keeping us on our toes Wyatt, even if they may be frozen on February 15. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful cause.
Lots of Love,
Holly and Nate


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