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ADOPT 19th Annual “Makin’ Strides for Strays” Walkathon

Naperville, Illinois

Louie and The Fat Cats' Page

Hi Everyone!

I’m Louie, Team Captain for “Louie & The Fat Cats!”  Yes, as you can guess, we all can stand to lose a few pounds, so we decided to get involved in this year’s “Makin’ Strides for Strays” walkathon.  While we are not sure that we will all be attending, we are walking the halls at the shelter to get in shape, for our own health as well as to hopefully become more adoptable.  The walkathon is an incentive for us!!

Meanwhile, we have decided to challenge Team Windy (the canine team here at the shelter) in raising funds for the upcoming “Makin’ Strides for Strays” Walkathon!  Like the dogs, many of us cats have medical issues, need special foods, or other special care. And…with kitten season right around the corner, our supplies will be tight and so will our space here at the shelter.  A.D.O.P.T. tries to accept as many kittens as possible and meet all of their needs too! 

We want to be sure all of our feline friends receive the care and attention they need, so we want to raise funds to help them.  We see that Windy’s Team is hoping to raise $2,800, so we will target $3,000!! There are more of us cats here at the shelter, so we hope we hit this goal.  Can you help us to raise these much-needed funds for our friends here at the shelter, and those yet to arrive???   Every donation is appreciated!  And please, don’t let the dogs  beat us in this fundraising challenge for A.D.O.P.T.’s animals!  “The Fat Cats” are counting on you to come through!!

OH, by the way,  allow me to introduce my “Fat Cat” team mates…Agnes, Kideo, Gizmo, Leia, Bananas, and Thelma!

Please check us out at www.adoptpetshelter.org. or, better yet, come out to meet us at the shelter!  Unlike those lean cats at the shelter, there is so much more of us to love….how can you resist taking one of us home?

Thank you so much for supporting our Team!  Your donation will help provide much-needed veterinary care for our shelter residents, particularly those having special needs.


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