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Lowest to Highest for Cancer (LH4Cancer) Africa

Iman Mutlaq's Page

I would like to get your attention for a couple of minutes with what I would love to say here:

Think of yourself, as a life after death, as what can we do to make things more moral for people with cancer, King Hussein Cancer Center is in need of 350 beds, these beds bring hope in expectation, anticipation, and faith to all those diagnosed with cancer, it will open doors for a better life to look forward to when treated comfy. We always have to be thankful for what we have in life, no matter what the situation is, always thank god for what he has planned for you. 


There are three types of doors that you and others might face, the first door goes knocking no one gets hurt or the cancer didn’t enter it. The second door diagnosed you or your loved ones in the family with cancer, but after all they get cured from it. Finally, the third that disheartens the most, the door that opens up and diagnoses one of your closest people, but unfortunately insists on taking his or her life away from cancer. Lets pray none of these doors come knocking, lets pray for great health as well as helping others in becoming more better-off in life by getting full treatment in getting cured.


Iman Mutlaq


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