Sarah's ISOC Fundraising Page


Sarah's ISOC Fundraising Page

Sarah's ISOC Fundraising Page

Welcome, friends!

I am raising money for an ODU's student-founded organization called In Support of Children!!!

In Support of Children was formed in January 1992 by Dr. Karen A. Polonko and several students in her Child Welfare class at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va. In Support of Children or ISOC, is composed of faculty, staff, students of Old Dominion University, as well as other community members who are deeply concerned about the treatment of children in our society. It is our mission to ensure that all children are treated with respect and dignity as human beings. Our main focus to date has been the ending of ALL forms of abuse against children: physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and neglect. In Support of Children helps educate students and the public through its sponsorship educational programs, film festivals, the distribution of its pamphlet "Parenting from the Heart: Ways to Happier, Healthier Children" and its bumper sticker "It's NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD", as well as bringing in prominent scholars and researchers in the field to speak on the adverse affects of child maltreatment.

ISOC is a non-partisan, non-profit service organization whose purpose is to advocate for an end to all forms of child maltreatment, especially physical punishment of children and for the promotion of positive parenting techniques. ISOC Advocacy and Educational programming is provided for the Old Dominion University Community and the wider Hampton Roads Community.

In Support Of Children’s Mission:

1. To educate ISOC membership about the extent, causes and consequences of child maltreatment.
2. To increase student and community awareness of issues and information related to child maltreatment.
3. To promote student involvement in ISOC activities.
4. To develop, produce and distribute educational materials related to the group’s purposes.
5. To sponsor educational programming related to the group’s purposes.
6. To establish connections with other student and community organizations to enhance the effectiveness of ISOC's work.

LINK to ISOC Web page:

In order to raise money for this wonderful cause, I will be running the Williamsburg Achievable Dreams Half Marathon on May 20th, 2012!

I will be running in memory of a beautiful young girl who was murdered by the hands of her stepfather in 2006. Over her short lifetime, Nixzmary Brown was starved, beaten, neglected, and sexually abused by her stepfather while her mother stood by and watched. She was often tied to a chair for hours or locked in her room where she was forced to use a kitty litter box as her bathroom. The 7-year-old was grossly underweight, yet when a fellow classmate forgot her lunch at school one day, Nixzmary shared her precious food with the girl. She did not want her friend to go hungry. Nixzmary was eventually beaten to death one evening; her stepfather threw her in a tub of freezing water, nearly drowning her, and smashed her head on the faucet repeatedly. The brave little girl did not die immediately. Her mother carried her into her bedroom and closed the door. She lay for hours, eventually taking her last breath alone, wrapped in a blanket on her bedroom floor. During the investigation, her father admitted that the night Nixzmary died, he was "disciplining" her and it “went too far". The fact is, he killed her over a pudding cup and a damaged computer printer!!

I know this story is difficult to stomach, but Nixzmary’s fate is a reality for so many helpless children across the country, including right here in Hampton Roads! Recently, we learned of two 4-month-old twins who were found to be victims of child abuse in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. One of the two babies died before police arrived and the other ended up in the hospital. The babies' injuries ranged from cracked skulls to broken and healing ribs to burns on the bottom of one of the twins' feet. Now ask yourselves, what could a 4-month-old baby possibly do to deserve being beaten to death?

I will be running the Williamsburg Half Marathon to raise awareness and support for ISOC. The money I raise will go towards a scholarship for students who are seeking degrees in the field of child welfare, subsequently supporting the efforts of ISOC to seek policy change and equal protection for children under the law.

Please, every dollar counts! LITERALLY. All you have to donate is one dollar! If you are able and willing to make a larger donation, it is greatly appreciated, but DON’T just sit there and do nothing!!!

I'm running 13.1 miles to raise this money; you simply have to lift one finger to click your mouse on the donation link. PLEASE and THANK YOU!

Sarah Burns
In Support of Children
Old Dominion University

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