Jason Abernathy's 76.2 Mile Challenge


2015 Boston Marathon for Ironstone Farm

Boston, Massachusetts

Jason Abernathy's 76.2 Mile Challenge

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

I'm running the Boston Marathon, Monday, April 20, to raise money to help children with special needs receive therapy at Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm.

Ironstone Farm uses 200 volunteers a week in addition to its professionals to provide therapeutic programs to its clients. Many of the hundreds of children who receive therapy there face serious challenges each day.

To match their challenge in some way, I’ll be running a 50-mile race two days before the Boston Marathon on Saturday, April 18th. Then I’ll fly to Boston Sunday and tackle the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20th.

I’ve never taken on back-to-back races of this magnitude before.

But children at Ironstone do things they’ve never done before, too. Some talk for the first time. Some walk for the first time. It’s a special place I’m happy to support.

Ironstone Farm has a Sponsor a Child program that provides needed therapy for children with special needs who otherwise would not be able to afford it. In some cases, an Early Intervention program will cover the costs for families until the child turns 3 years old, and then the funding ends. I hope to help as many of these children as possible, thanks to your donations. Let’s all pitch in to help!

You can read more about the cause, and a story about one boy here: http://ironstonefarm.org/get-involved/sponsor-a-child/ Nathan had been nonverbal, but after coming to Ironstone for a few months his first word was “Neigh.” In the past year, Ironstone tells me Nathan wrote his first word: Horse. He did it on a writing tablet, while sitting atop one of Ironstone’s animals.

I was lucky enough to grow up with horses. I think about how Ironstone may be the only opportunity for children who grew up in the city to interact with horses, let alone receive this kind of special therapy.

Please help support the work being done at Ironstone by donating now.

I greatly appreciate your help!


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