Our Beloved Joanne


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Manhattan Beach , California
In memory of Joanne Krisa

Our Beloved Joanne

Joanne Krisa (Worcester) received her diagnosis in October of 2012. She gathered her family together to tell them the news and to assure them that, although she was overwhelmed by the reality of her disease, she was going to fight it and change the statistics by becoming a survivor. It was Joanne - our spirited, strong, and determined Joanne - so we had no reason to believe otherwise!

She wouldn't accept defeat and searched until she found a treatment plan that would give her the best chance. It was aggressive and draining, but she fought hard and never gave up hope. She enjoyed two more Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays. She celebrated her next birthday and many more with those around her, including her grandson's first. She treasured every moment, every memory.

But even after her scans showed promise, complications robbed Joanne of the nourishment she needed to keep up her fight. In January of 2014, after nearly two weeks in the hospital, she was released to the care of her family with much needed Hospice support.

Still, Joanne maintained her hope, smiled her beautiful smile, laughed and reminisced, and gazed into the eyes of devastated loved-ones with an unspoken reassurance. Grace and dignity would not be lost on Joanne, even in her final days. Her last two weeks were spent in a beach house surrounded by her immediate family with daily visits from other family and friends. 

On February 8, 2014, during a sun-filled Saturday afternoon, as the tide rolled in, our beloved Joanne let her beautiful spirit free from her failing body. 


"She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails."  ~ Elizabeth Edwards


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