Fragile-X Syndrome / Multiple Sclerosis Endurance Team


Fragile-X Syndrome / Multiple Sclerosis Endurance Team

Training buddies Joe Wainwright and Eric Sheerin

Fragile-X Syndrome / Multiple Sclerosis Endurance Team

Hey Everyone,

In honor of our uncles, Giles Garrett Nicholson and Tim Edgar, on June 1st we will be leaving from the most eastern part of the country in Lubec, Maine on our road bikes to make the 3,642 mile / 50 day journey all the way across the United States to the beaches of Santa Monica in southwest California. We have chosen this adventure of a lifetime to raise awareness for the diseases that our uncles are affected by.

So here’s a little bit about our uncles and the diseases they have:

Approximately 25 years ago, Giles Garrett Nicholson (Joe’s Uncle) was diagnosed with Fragile-X Syndrome. Fragile-X Syndrome is a genetic, inherited disorder on the X chromosome and is caused by mutations of the FMR1 gene. Normally, this FMR1 gene makes a protein needed for proper neural development. A defect in this gene makes your body produce too little of the protein, or none at all. The absence of this protein during childhood leads to an underdeveloped brain and a spectrum of physical, intellectual, and behavioral limitations. Fragile-X Syndrome is the most common cause of inherited mental impairment and is the most common known cause of autism or "autistic-like" behaviors. Symptoms also can include characteristic physical and behavioral features and delays in speech and language development.Currently, there is no cure for Fragile-X Syndrome and its treatments options are limited. Instead, training and education help affected children function at as high a level as possible.

Also 25 years ago, Tim Edgar (Eric’s uncle) was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Commonly referred to as “MS,” Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other. In a person who was normal nerve functioning, nerve cells communicate by sending electrical signals down long fibers called axons, which are wrapped in an insulating substance called myelin. This biological functioning is what gives people like you muscle strength, coordination, cognition, and something as simple as the ability to swallow food. For people like Tommy who have Multiple Sclerosis, their body’s own immune system attacks and damages this myelin. When myelin is lost, the axons can no longer effectively conduct signals. This loss of myelin leads to a wide array of symptoms such as neurological problems and physical disabilities. Like Fragile-X Syndrome, there is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis and its treatment options only control the disease to a certain degree.

In the coming months leading up to our departure and while we are on the road, we are actively trying to raise money for The National Fragile-X Foundation and the Montel Williams MS Foundation. We hope that our 3642 bike ride across the United States will inspire you to donate to these foundations. If you would like to donate, simply click the green "DONATE" link on this page and you will be directed accordingly.

Or you would like to donate by check, you can send your donation directly to the foundations. Their addresses are provided below:

Montel Williams MS Foundation
331 West 57th Street
PMB 420
New York, NY 10019

The National Fragile X Foundation
PO Box 37
Walnut Creek, CA 94595

For those of you who would like to donate by check, please state “Fragile-X Syndrome / Multiple Sclerosis Endurance Team” on the note line of your check. 100% of your donations will go directly towards the research efforts in search of a cure for these diseases and are tax-deductable. Our goal is to raise $50,000, so PLEASE donate to our cause. Any donation will be tremendously appreciated by both foundations and especially by those who are affected by these diseases. We thank you for your support toward finding a cure for Fragile-X Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis!

-Eric Sheerin and Joe Wainwright


June 1st- Lubec, ME to Cherryfield, ME
County: Washington County
Miles: 57=57 total




June 2nd – Cherryfield, ME to Ellsworth, ME
Ellsworth, ME to Augusta, ME
County: Kennebec County
Miles: 36+83= 119 = 176 total

June 3rd- Augusta, ME to Windham, ME
County: Cumberland County
Miles: 53 = 229 total
Notes: Walmart 30 Landing Rd. (207) 893-0603

June 4th- Windham, ME to Bristol, NH
County: Gafton County
Miles: 87 = 316 total

June 5th- Bristol, NH to Lebannon, NH
Lebannon, NH to Rutland, VT (Food)
County: Rutland County
Miles: 36+50=402 total

June 6th- Rutland, VT to Saratoga Springs, NY
County: Saratoga Springs County
Miles: 69 = 471 total
Notes: Food on Broadway Ave. and Caroline St.

June 7th- REST DAY

June 8th-Sartagoa Springs, NY to Amsterdam, NY
Amsterdam, NY to Little Falls, NY
Notes: Post Office 25 West Main St. Little Falls, NY 13365-9998 (315) 823-2440

June 9th- Little Falls, NY to Utica, NY (Lunch 22 mile ride Food on Geneese St.)
Utica, NY to Syracuse, NY (Lots of food and HOTEL if need be)
Miles: 22+60=82 = 564 total

June 10th-Syracuse, NY to Newark, NY (Food on Union St.)
County: Wayne County
Miles: 56=680 total

June 11th- Newark, NY to Rochester, NY
Rochester, NY to Buffalo. NY
Miles: 31+92=123=803 total

June 12th-Buffalo, NY to Erie, PA
County: Erie County
Miles: 92=895 total
Notes: Food on State St. and Walmart on E. 26th St.

June 13th- Erie, PA to Cleveland, OH
Miles: 106=1,001 total

June 14th- REST DAY

June 15th-Cleveland, OH to Savannah, OH
Savannah, OH to Bucyrus, OH
Miles: 65+38=103= 1,104 total
Notes: US Post Office 2 Main St. (414) 962-4249

June 16th-Bucyrus, OH to Marion, OH (Lunch 19 mile ride)
Marion, OH to Bellefontaine, OH (45 mile ride food on South Main St.)
County: Logan County
Miles:19+45=64=1,168 total

June 17th- Bellefontaine, OH to Versailles, OH (48 mile ride food West main St.)
Versailles, OH to Muncie, IN (51 mile ride)
Miles:48+51=99=1,261 total

June 18th- Muncie, IN to Indianapolis, IN (Brent)
Miles: 66=1,327 total

June 19th-REST DAY

June 20th- Indianapolis, IN to Terre Havle, IN
County: Vigo County
Miles: 83=1,410 total

June 21st- Terre Haute, IN to Casey, IL (34 mile ride for food N. Central Ave.)
Casey, IL to Effingham, IL (food N. Keller Drive)
County: Effingham
Miles: 34+33= 67=1,477 total

June 22nd- Effingham, IL to Vandalia, IL (33 mile ride for food Veterans Ave. also stop at US Post Office on 304 South 4th St.(618) 283-0328
Vandalia, IL to St Louis, MO
Miles: 33+78=111=1,588 total
Note: 6/22 Phillies vs. Cardinals game at 7:15pm.

June 23rd- REST DAY…Note: 6/23 Phillies vs. Cardinals at 7:15pm 6/24 Cardinals vs. Blue Jays 7:15pm.

June 24th- St Louis, MO to Hermann, MO
County: Gasconade County (Food Subway on 305 Markey st. (573) 486-8821.)
Miles: 83=1,671 total

June 25th- Hermann, MO to California, MO
County: Moniteau County
Miles: 70= 1,741 total

June 26th- California, MO to Sedalia, MO (37 mile bike for food on W. Broadway St.)
Sedalia, MO to Kansas City, MO
Miles: 37+90= 127= 1,868 total
Note: FOOD and HOTEL and Kansas City Royals vs. Cubs at 1:10pm Sunday)

June 27th- Kansas City, MO to Ottawa, KS (Leave around lunch time?)
County: Ottawa, KS (FOOD on South Main St.)
Miles: 68= 1,936 total
Notes: US Post Office 401 South Hickory St. (785) 242-2000

June 28th- Ottawa, KS to Ransom, KS
County: Ness County (FOOD only on Vermont Ave.)
Miles: 175= 2,111 total

June 29th- Ransom, KS to Colorado Springs, CO
Miles: 150= 2,261 total (FOOD and HOTEL!)

June 30th- REST DAY (averaging 75.36 miles a day)

July 1st- Colorado Springs, CO to Canon City, CO
County: Fremont County (FOOD on Royal Gorge Blvd.)
Miles 46=2,306 total
Notes: US Post Office 611 Main St. Canon city, CO (719) 275 1556

July 2nd- Canon City, CO to Salida, CO (60 mile ride for Lunch on W. 1st St. or E. 1st St.)
Salida, CO to Saguache, CO (56 mile ride)
County: Saguache County (FOOD Gunnison Ave.)
Miles: 60+56= 116= 2,422 total

July 3rd- Saguache, CO to Del Norte, CO (37 mile ride for Lunch on Grand Ave.)
Del Norte, CO to South Fork, CO (16 mile ride)
County: Rio Grande County (FOOD US Hwy 160)
Miles: 37+16=53=2,475 total

July 4th- South Fork, CO to Pagosa Springs, CO (43 mile ride to Lunch on Pagosa St. (HWY160)
Pagosa Springs, CO to Bayfield, CO (46 mile ride)
County: Bayfield La Plata County (FOOD on Mountain View Dr.)
Miles: 43+46=89=2,564 total

July 5th- Bayfield, CO to Durango, CO
Durango, CO to Teec Nos Pos, AZ (85 mile ride)
County: Apache County
Miles: 20+85= 105= 2,669 total
Notes: 4 Corners

July 6th- Teec Nos Pos, AZ to Kayenta, AZ
County: Navajo County
Miles: 74 = 2,743 total

July 7th- Kayenta, AZ to Tuba City, AZ
County: Coconino County
Miles: 76 = 2,819 total

July 8th- Tuba City, AZ to Grand Canyon, AZ
Miles: 74 = 2,893 total

July 9th- REST DAY at Grand Canyon *Load up on food and water.

July 10th- Grand Canyon, AZ to Peach Springs, AZ
County: Mohave County
Miles: 102 = 2,995 total

July 11th- Peach Springs, AZ to Hoover Dam, AZ
Miles: 114 = 3,109 total

July 12th- Hoover Dam, AZ to Las, Vegas, NV
Miles: 36 = 3,145 total

July 13th- REST DAY

July 14th- Las Vegas, NV to Barstow, CA
County: San Bernardino County
Miles: 180= 3,325

July 15th- Barstow, CA to Victorville, CA
Victorville, CA to Fontana, CA
County: San Bernardino County
Miles: 37+45= 82= 3,407

July 16th- Fontana, CA to Los Angelas, CA
Miles: 55= 3,462 total

July 17th- REST DAY…..or a couple?

July 18th- Los Angelas, CA to Santa Monica, CA
Miles: 17= 3,489 total averaging 71.2 miles per day!

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