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June 2014 UPDATE:  As you may or may not know last summer I set out to raise money for kids with DMD (see below).  I had grand visions but fell short of my goal of raising $51,000.  What I was able to do was raise close to $9,000 that the Jett Foundation put to use in an iPad essay program.  The contest ended June 1st but the response from kids with DMD was so great there were 26 deserving entrants!  The problem is that the money raised fell $6,000 short of sufficent funds to purchase the required # of iPads.  As the kids are excited on the outcome I only have 1 week to meet this goal.  Please help me and as always Thank you! #JHFF51

Thank you for visiting John Hall's Fund for 51 Donations page!  All donations are directly to the Jett Foundation (501c3), 100% tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt. 

If you know me you know I’m passionate about what I believe in. Whether family or career, surfing or food, finance or fundraising, I jump in with two feet. Through investments in Biotech, I have come to learn about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is the most common lethal genetic disease of children worldwide and it is 100% fatal. Approx. 1 in every 3,500 boys worldwide is born with DMD; they die, on average, at about 19 years old.

I have two healthy boys (Dennis 4, Henry 6), 4 brothers, and multiple nephews. I have never taken health for granted but learning about DMD and the prevalence in males amplifies how grateful I have become. I decided this year to fundraise in a targeted tactical manner.

Before I started, it was important that I found a non profit organization that I could trust to properly distribute the funds raised. I also wanted to ensure that monies were directed directly to the boys who needed it most. I found that in the Jett Foundation.

Since 2001, the Jett Foundation, located in Kingston, MA, has worked to find treatments and a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) while improving the lives of those affected by DMD.  While multiple organizations exist that fund research, I wanted to fund the needs of the boys affected by DMD. As these boys enter teenage years, the items we take for granted have a huge impact on Quality of Life. Whether Smart Tablets or Van conversion, it was important to me the boys would be the sole beneficiary.

My new goal is a lofty one, $15,000 by June 23rd.  

Please help me reach my goal. Every little bit helps and I promise I will never run a Marathon and ask for a donation. I have short legs and wind easily, besides this is my Marathon. Let’s raise some money for those boys who will never have an opportunity to run one.

Thank you,
John Hall Fund for 51

PS:  If you are strapped and can't donate a dime at least do me the solid and spread the word.  I will get there one way or another.

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