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Julie Jorns's Page

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As a breast pathologist at the University of Michigan I see breast cancer slides nearly every day...in women and men, over a wide span of ages, and even from colleagues that I work with every day.  

This Sunday, March 3, 2013 will be the second time I will shave my head for this event in support of the patients who are facing this disease and all of it's unpleasant treatments and side effects.

Like running a marathon the second time, shaving my head again has definitely required time for "amnesia" to set in.  Although not nearly as painful as the 2 marathons I've done or actually having cancer, I am a chronically cold person (seriously, I am usually freezing when everyone else is sweating, and yes, I know I live in MI).  But now I only vaguely remember how cold I was after the first event in Ann Arbor a little over 3 years ago (October, 2010) and think it's definitely worth it to go bald again for BFC.

For other shavees (things I learned the first time around):

1) Hats are your friends, not scarves - this is most applicable to cold people like myself and hopefully will not be required as much this year as I optimistically think that Spring must be coming soon?!?  We just got about 6 inches of snow dumped on us in Ann Arbor and there is more in the forecast for tonight...

2) Some people will really think you have cancer, and will treat you differently.  I still think there is a cafeteria worker at U of M that thinks I'm a survivor because of how many times she asked how I was doing in the months after the first event and I, not thinking that she sounded extra empathetic at first, just replied with fine or ok, etc.  This was especially an eye-opener for me and is still something I reflect on when I render new diagnoses of breast cancer.


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