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Team Endure 2017

Kathy Eckert-Mason's Page

Please Check below for regular update on training progress.. 

Ready for Year Number 8.   The fight against Cancer continues to be a passion of mine... and every year Cancer impacts more lives.   Please consider a donation to the Oregon Cancer Foundation....   Yes... I am doing it again.  It's such a worthwhile thing to do...   Training again for this year's Olympic Distance Triathlon at Pacific Crest on June 25th, 2017 with the awesome Team Endure .  Again, my goal is to raise $2000.00 for Oregon Cancer Foundation...   If your life has been touched in any way by Cancer, please consider a donation to make a difference.  

As usual I train and and compete in this triathlon,  in memory and honor of two cousins and countless friends and family that have been impacted by cancer.   

Go Team Endure!!  Thanks again for the bottom of my heart.....Kathy 


May 8, 2017.  

Well here I am at it again... Year 8 and it is crazy.   After last year's injury that left me walking much of the year, I hope to be 100% this year.   I have also enlisted some additional training help...and so here we go.   I am getting a later start that usual in fund raising, though I am confident that we will meet our goal.    Training is going well.  Had my first open water swim , then bike and run yesterday and survied with no mishap... That is a good start.   As always.... Go TEAM... Looking forward to your help  and donation.... Thanks..