Lindsay Dahlben's Boston Marathon Page


Lindsay Dahlben's Boston Marathon Page

Lindsay Dahlben's Boston Marathon Page

Hello and welcome to my Debbie's Dream Foundation fundraising page!

After many years of watching elites, friends, and fellow Bostonians run the Boston Marathon, I am excited to say that this year I will be running Boston!  How could it get any better than this, you ask?  Well not only am I running, but I'm also taking this opportunity to raise money for a charity very important to me and my family: Debbie's Dream Foundation.

Debbie's Dream Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about stomach cancer, funding research, and providing support internationally to patients and their families.  The statistics associated with stomach cancer are daunting, but non-profits like this one give us education, support, scientific discoveries, and hope to continue pushing forward.  Their ultimate goal is to find a cure for stomach cancer.  To learn more about them, visit

I am dedicating this 2015 Boston Marathon to my sister, Rachael.  My sister has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and she is still undergoing treatment.  You think running a marathon is hard?  Try fighting stomach cancer.  No one should have to go through what she has, but she is the strongest woman I know and will persevere.  Debbie's Dream Foundation has given her a really great support community, resources, and even teddy bears for her three children (that's them in the photo with my sister).

I am raising funds for Debbie's Dream Foundation to give back and am asking for your help in this endeavor.  Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to my fundraising campaign.  It means the world.  Thank you!


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