Lucky Blair Friends 2012


6th Annual Dog Lover's Walk

Savannah, Georgia

Lucky Blair Friends 2012

It’s hard to believe it’s been over five years since I moved from the Humane Society shelter. All I remember back then is I sure was a mess! Homeless, weak, hungry, and I had worms and fleas. Living on the streets will do that to you. The folks at the Humane Society rescued me from Animal Control, named me Porter and got me back on my feet with medicines, food and exercise. The best part was they found me the perfect forever home and with perfectly-sized napping spots.

After I was adopted, I changed my name to reflect exactly my feelings about living at The Landings with “my people”. Life’s a hoot! My days start with a long walk… maybe an hour or so. I pick one of my many familiar trails, sometimes exploring new paths, and hope to meet up with some of my many Landings’ friends. Yes, as a terrier mix, I chase a few squirrels, too, though I haven’t yet figured out how to climb trees. Home for breakfast and a long nap in a sunny spot.  Then, I amuse myself with a variety of toys. Perhaps another nap before a long afternoon walk followed by dinner. My day ends snuggling with my people on the couch watching the tube. What a life!

I’m walking again this year at the Dog Lovers’ Walk to raise money so that the Humane Society can help more dogs and cats find good homes.

Please join my team with a contribution. Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. Though walking is not necessary to be part of my team, I’d love for you to join me on February 25.

Many thanks for your support! Hope to see you there.  

I sure am…


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Lucky Blair Friends 2012
Just One of Lucky’s Napping Spots