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2015 Run for Thought

Greenville, South Carolina

Luke Gribick's Page

Hi! My name is Luke Gribick. I am a traumatic brain injurysurvivor.  I am in the above picture, on the front row.  My sister, Meredith, is to my left; and my brother, Jason, is standing behind me.

On February 2 -2000, at the age of 12 years old, I was coming out of the shower and suffered sudden cardiac death. My mother, Carol, was home at the time and immediately began to administer CPR until the arrival of the EMS team. During this time my heart did not pump enough oxygen to the brain, causing what is medically referred to as anoxia.

My survival is through God’s grace and mercy but the story does not stop there.

After my injury occurred it became necessary for me to re-learn those things we take for granted, eating, walking, talking and eventually return to school.

The road to recovery included support from many individuals, medical specialists and organizations such as Children’s Hospital, Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital, intensive therapy and the Greenville County Disabilities and Special Needs Board Head and Spinal Cord Injury Division. But through every step of the way the Lord has guided my path, giving me strength to carry on.

Today I volunteer at the YMCA, graduated high school, currently enrolled in online college courses, have a Labrador named Daisy, started a website and most important I have my family, pictured here with my older brother Jason and sister Meredith; the greatest support team any one could ask for.

But now I want to help others by asking you to consider a gift of monetary support.

Won’t you walk arm and arm with me and choose a level of encouragement, from the offered Sponsor Levels: Innovative Sponsor - $7,500- Visionary Sponsor- $5,000+, Philosopher Sponsor- $2,500, Activist Sponsor- $1,000, Leader Sponsor- $500.00 or other monetary support as your heart would lead you to contribute.

My personal goal for our team is to raise $1,000. All donations are tax deductible and every gift is greatly appreciated.

A video of my participation in the 2009 Brain Injury Association of SC annual Run for Thought may be viewed at this link. Luke Gribick 2009 Brian Injury Association Annual Run For Thought by PraiseWorkCreations

- Duration: 3 minutes, 59 seconds.

This year Run For Thought 2015 innovative sponsor by Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital- visionary sponsor Equipped for Life will be on Saturday, 9:30 am- November 14, 2015 at 9:00 AM Conestee Park Greenville, South Carolina.

For more information, please visit the Brain Injury Website,, or you may call 877.824.3228

“There is no walk more important than arm in arm, with love and compassion for those who need support, in times difficult to understand but not with out hope.”




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